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E26 Angel Millar: The 3 Stages of Initiatic Spirituality

March 30th, 2020




Angel Millar joins us again to talk more in depth about his wonderful new book: The three Stages of Initiatic Spirituality; Craftsman, Warrior, Magician.

Angel Millar is a well-known lecturer on Freemasonry, initiation, and esotericism as well as an artist and student of the martial arts. The author of several books, including Freemasonry: Foundation of the Western Esoteric Tradition, he lives in New York City.

We talk about the important role memory plays in initiation and initiatic orders. Angel describes the different phases of human development, or anti-development moving from the Golden age in Eden to the current likely Kali Yuga Iron age of the present.

We discuss the world view of primordial man and how aesthetics and symbolism were perceived, and how they are perceived dramatically differently for modern man.

We also talk about the higher self, and what that means for the initiate, as well as the great work of preparing oneself for death.

And of course Angel walks us through the three archetypes described in the book in great detail.


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Angel's book:



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