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E30 Rocky Geis: Vodou

July 27th, 2020




In this episode we talk to Houngan Rocky Geis about the history and practice of traditional Vodou.

Rocky was kind enough to speak about his own very personal journey, including the trials and tribulations which come with entering into a serious initiatic practice.


We also discussed the importance of elders and mentorship for practicing occultists, the nature of the Hatian loa/lwa spirits and the  relationship that Houngan and Mambo have with those spirits. 
We also addressed mental health pitfalls and potential issues that are relevant for the practicing occultist.


This and more....


Rocky's websites :


E29 Angela Voss : The imaginal realm of the Daimon

July 6th, 2020




In this episode we speak with Dr Angela Voss, scholar, artist, musician and Program Director for the MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Our topic centered around the imaginal realm, the nature and function of the daimon, and the importance of symbol with a shifting perspective more focused on the luminous for the development of theurgic apotheosis. 



Secrets of the Heavens CD

Dr Angela Voss and the Marini Consort use the Orphic hymns as translated by Thomas Taylor. Between the invocations there are instrumental pieces from the 15th century, and readings by Mark Rylance from the Letters of Marsilio Ficino.


E28 Amanda Radcliffe: The view from Montségur

May 19th, 2020



In this episode we talk with Sophia Amanda Mariamne Radcliffe , high priestess and Bishop in the French Gnostic church, or Eglise Gnostique .

Amanda was also the occult consultant for the recently debuted HP Lovecraft film "Color out of Space" starring Nicholas Cage.

Amanda speaks with us from Montségur France, the iconic stronghold and location of the massacre of the 13th century Gnostic Christians called the Cathars. 

We talk about the Cathars, Amanda's spiritual journey, the controversial sacred bloodline of Mary Magdalene, the spiritual power and history of southern France, the black Madonna, and much more.






E27 Sarah Janes : Dream Incubation

May 3rd, 2020



In this episode we are joined by independent researcher Sarah Janes of to chat about dreams, dream incubation, lucid dreaming, Asclepius, and the ancient Asclepeion healing hospitals.

All this, and of course much more.

Sarah's YouTube channel:



E26 Angel Millar: The 3 Stages of Initiatic Spirituality

March 30th, 2020




Angel Millar joins us again to talk more in depth about his wonderful new book: The three Stages of Initiatic Spirituality; Craftsman, Warrior, Magician.

Angel Millar is a well-known lecturer on Freemasonry, initiation, and esotericism as well as an artist and student of the martial arts. The author of several books, including Freemasonry: Foundation of the Western Esoteric Tradition, he lives in New York City.

We talk about the important role memory plays in initiation and initiatic orders. Angel describes the different phases of human development, or anti-development moving from the Golden age in Eden to the current likely Kali Yuga Iron age of the present.

We discuss the world view of primordial man and how aesthetics and symbolism were perceived, and how they are perceived dramatically differently for modern man.

We also talk about the higher self, and what that means for the initiate, as well as the great work of preparing oneself for death.

And of course Angel walks us through the three archetypes described in the book in great detail.


This and more....


Angel's book:



E25 Agostino Taumaturgo: Esoteric Catholicism

March 8th, 2020




In this episode we are joined by Father Jason Spadafore AKA Agostino Taumaturgo.

We discussed multiple fascinating topics including the inherent esoteric nature of Catholicism, magic in Christianity,  the mechanics behind the rosary and other Catholic devotional modalities, and much much more.





E24 Nicholas Breeze Wood: Traditional Shamanism

February 25th, 2020



Nicholas Breeze Wood joins us today to talk about the often misunderstood and mis-represented arts of traditional shamans. We talk about the crucial role trance plays in these lineages, the interwoven relationship with animism, the connections with Buddhism, and the ritual objects implemented by traditional Shamans.

This, and much more......



E23 The Heart Sutra, with Rev Kosho Finch

January 26th, 2020



We welcome back Rev Kosho Finch of the Henjyoji Shingon temple, to talk about the fascinating Heart Sutra. 

The Heart Sutra has been described as the essence of Buddhism, and esoteric Buddhism in particular. It is said that the sutra has the potential to free one from suffering and shed light on the path that leads to awakening.

Kosho sensei lends his valuable insight and knowledge on the teaching, so that we may better understand the important lessons contained within. 

Our hope is that this topic has to potential to provide a helpful alternative perspective to the student of esotericism.

E22 Eoghan Craig Ballard: Traditional spirituality of African diaspora

November 28th, 2019



Join us as we speak with Espiritista Eoghan Craig Ballard to discuss the history and practice of African diaspora religions, and his personal journey into these traditions.

Mr Ballard enlightens us with his perspective on some of the most important concepts of the Afro-Caribbean paradigm. 

We talked about the nature of spirits in these traditions and how to work with them, the development of mediumship,  and so much more. A great introduction for anyone interested in learning about the ATRs, as well as a thoughtful examination for those already involved in those traditions.


cover art by Lawrence Zuñiga Batista


E21 Nikolas Schreck

November 1st, 2019



Halloween episode!
In this episode we had the unique opportunity to speak with the infamous artist, musician, author and teacher Nikolas Schreck. We discussed Nikolas' thoughts on sonic magic, the state of occulture, his personal initiatory experiences, Tantric Buddhism, the importance of compassion, the classic horror genre...and much much more.


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