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Episode XIV: Marcus McCoy

February 10th, 2019




Marcus shows us how his bio-regional animism and plant spiritism is a viable and functional approach for Western Esotericism. He brings together a multifaceted practice of alchemy, herbal-ism, blacksmithing, and folk magic for a well rounded perspective on the occult arts. 

Botany of the Dead:

House of Orpheus:

Viridis Genii Symposium:

Troll Cunning Forge:




Episode XIII Shannon Grimes: Zosimos of Panopolis

December 31st, 2018




We were fortunate enough to be joined by Dr Shannon Grimes to discuss her new book: Becoming Gold. Zosimos of Panopolis and the alchemical arts in Roman Egypt.
We discussed the historical Egyptian backdrop of the book, the views of Zosimos on magic, astronomy, daimons and of course, the visions of Zosimos. She helped define Alchemy during the early 4th century and really brings Zosimos to life.

Find the book from Rubedo Press here:

Episode XII: Rev. Kosho Finch; Shingon Buddhism

December 15th, 2018



In this episode we speak with Rev Kosho Finch of the Hosshinji Shingon Buddhist Temple. Kosho sensei talks to us about Kobo Daishi, 3 secrets practice, connections to Zoroastrianism, the importance of ritual, the symbolism of Mikkyo, Buddhist astrology and much more....

Rev. Kosho Finch:



Episode XI: Jeffrey Kotyk; East Asian astrology and astral magic

November 17th, 2018



In this episode we spoke with Jeffrey Kotyk PhD of McMaster University on the topic of East Asian astrology and astral magic. Jeffrey walks us from West to East and explains the heavy Greco-Egyptian and Persian influences on the development of Chinese and Japanese esoteric practice.

Jeffrey's Blog:

Jeffrey's papers:


Episode X: Christopher Warnock ; Renaissance Astrology

October 19th, 2018



In this episode we had the good fortune to be able to chat with Christopher Warnock of

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to talk with one of the great pioneers in the field of astrological magic.

We discussed the great chain of being and its association with platonic thought, astrological remediation, Chris' formula for making talismans, the influence of the moon, working with the malifics, as well as Chris' experience with the Eastern esoteric traditions of Zen and Shingon Buddhism. We also discussed Chris' upcoming book on the fixed stars and the philosophy of working with them.
And a whole lot more.


Episode IX: Edward Butler

September 23rd, 2018



In this Episode we talk to Edward Butler of

Mr Butler tests the limits of understanding with some profound insight, and wonderful commentary on later Platonists such as Proclus.

We cover so many interesting topics such as the nature of the Forms, the Logoi, the Ineffability of the Gods, Idiotes, the infrastructure of Being, Daimons, Zeus as Nous, the principal of the One, the relationship of the Henads to the One and the procession of Being, and much more. You know, some light topics...

Some of Mr Butler's work:


Outro song by the artist Eivør


Episode VIII : Greg Shaw

September 9th, 2018


 In this episode we were fortunate enough to talk to the very generous Professor Greg Shaw about Iamblichus and his theurgy. Its obvious that professor Shaw has explored this content on a very deep level. We discussed many topics including the nature and role of Daimons, and the practical application of prayer, meditation and the use of Sunthemata in theurgy. We also touched on the role of Hecate as well as using Jungian models for exploring the practice. 

Professor Shaw's work:



Episode VII: Robert Place

August 25th, 2018


This is the second episode with a focus on the Tarot.

We had the wonderful opportunity to interview artist, author and practitioner Robert Place on today's show. We talked alchemy, Hermes, Dracula, Pythagoras and well as discussed in depth Robert's multiple influential decks. Enjoy!


Robert's website:

Episode VI: Stuart Sudekum “The Veil and its Symbols”

August 25th, 2018


It was a pleasure to have researcher, teacher, and professional reader Stuart Sudekum join us to discuss the esoteric heavyweight Aurthur Waite, and the depth of his famous Tarot. Stuart is a real wealth of knowledge on the Tarot and is currently working on a book that we cant wait to read!

Stuart's band Apibus :

Episode V : Simon Magus part 2

August 25th, 2018


We continue our conversation on the controversial Simon with returning guest Alex Rivera.

This time we focused more on the theology and philosophy of the Samaritan Magus. The universal fire, the boundless power, the fallen first thought, the 6 roots of the cosmos...and more.

As mentioned in the episode:

The Institute for Hermetic studies =

Hunter Yoder art =

The Hermetic Federation =

Renaissance astrology =