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E47 Diego de Oxossi : Kimbanda

January 21st, 2022



In this episode we spoke to Kimbanda Priest and Candomble Babalorisha Diego de Oxossi of Sao Paulo Brazil.
Diego educated us on the spirit cults and the deity cults of Brazil and described the differences between working with the Eshu and Orisha.
We talked about the roots of Kimbanda as well as the philosophy and practice.
This and much more !

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E46 Rocky Geis: Working with ancestors and spirits

November 30th, 2021



Rocky Geis is back for round two. In this episode we talk about working with your ancestors, proper offerings, sacrifices and best practices for interaction with spirits. We also tackle cultural appropriation, gatekeeping, the signal to noise ratio in the occulture....  and a whole lot more.

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E45 Nikolas Schreck : The transience of life

October 31st, 2021




We are once again joined by international man of mystery and polymath Mr. Nikolas Schreck.
Nikolas helps us celebrate the Halloween holiday with a deep discussion on the liminality of the season and the transience of life itself.
We talk about the fear of death, bardo the transition between states of being, the absolute reality of karma, and even undead zombie sorcerers. 

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E44 Kerry Wisner: Traditional Witchcraft

October 5th, 2021




In this episode we speak to traditional witchcraft practitioner Kerry Wisner. This was a far reaching conversation which delved into the praxis of authentic witchcraft from someone who has been living this lifestyle for many years.

We touched on numerous important topics such as working with the spirits of nature, the tools employed by the traditional practitioner, working with the shadow, ethics in practice and much more.....


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E43 Jeffrey Kupperman: Theurgic Praxis

September 15th, 2021




In this episode we speak with Dr Jeffrey Kupperman concerning the art and practice of Theurgy. We discuss the foundation, context and application of Platonic theology as a practical means for communing and working with the gods.


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E42 Jack Grayle: Into the Daimonic

August 11th, 2021



In this episode we speak to the always eloquent and interesting Jack Grayle. We explored ideas surrounding the nature of the gods, and daimonic emanations as avatars and representatives of them. We also looked at divine epiphanies as a reflection of the unseen world, and the dense and syncretic praxis of antiquity.   


Jack Grayle


his class on the Homeric epics


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E41 T. Susan Chang: Divination and the Tarot

May 6th, 2021



T Susan Chang joins us today for a wonderful discussion on Divination. We talked about the inherent nature and practice of divination, and the tarot specifically. We touched on fate, sacrifice, and meaning. Susie also talks with us about her new book which explores the intersection of Astrology and Tarot in the journey of the Decan walk.




E40 Sorita D’este: Hekate

April 12th, 2021



Sorite D'este joins us today to discuss the multifaceted Titan Hekate.

Sorita educates us on the history and background of this remarkable and truly complex deity. Her traditional role, her functions, her jurisdiction  and  her associations.

We also tackle some common misconceptions and wrong thinking associated with this goddess, fueled in large part by marketing and pop-culture perceptions.



E39 Eric Purdue: Agrippa’s 3 Books of Occult Philosophy

March 17th, 2021



Traditional Astrologer, author, practitioner of Lucumi, Mr Eric Purdue joins us in this episode. We talk about his new, and very anticipated translation of the monumental work of polymath Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim. It was a true pleasure to have him on the show.





E38 Dr Justin Sledge

February 21st, 2021



In this episode we had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Dr Justin Sledge about the complex matrix of Judaisms in classical antiquity.
Out of this matrix we get movements such as Gnosticism, Christianity, Samaritanism, the Essenes and the Mandeans  to name just a few. To say the Jewish impact on religious belief and spiritual practice in antiquity was significant would be a huge understatement.


Dr Sledge



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