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E18 Artemis of the Ephesians with Dr James Rietveld

July 14th, 2019



In this episode we talk with Dr James Reitveld about his comprehensive work on the great Goddess Artemis of the Ephesians. Dr Rietveld takes us to the ancient metropolis of Ephesus in Anatolia and explains when, where and why this version of Artemis came to be. We discuss her connections to Isis, Cybele, Hekate, Demeter and the virgin Mary, as well as explore the rich symbolism that arises from this rich syncretism. We also talk about the fascinating Ephesian Grammata; their origins, uses and connections to the Greek Magical Papyri and Testament of Solomon. Also, we cant talk about Ephesus without discussing the extremely significant history it has in early Christianity. All of this and more. Enjoy!

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